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Packaging Equipment Manufacturers
With the demand for close tolerances and polished surfaces, our machining services are a perfect match for the industry. Our company has grown through our strong ties with the packaging industry. We are able to provide the quality of parts demanded by the dairy and pharmaceutical industries.
Medical Dental Equipment Manufacturers
The industry continues to expand tremendously with the demand for "state of the art" innovations on medical test equipment, dental supplies and molds to produce vitamin capsules.
Auto Tier II Suppliers (Prototype Specialists)
Major suppliers require that their suppliers are well versed in providing quality parts on a timely basis for assembly line applications. EPM is well placed and well equipped to meet those strict guidelines.
Security Systems OEM's
For over twenty seven years, EPM has manufactured parts for proprietary and confidential applications in aerospace and defense applications requiring the tightest tolerances. These precise standards are most applicable to the security industries.
Defense Industries Suppliers
EPM supplies to all major contractors to the Federal Government to exacting standards and comply with all required regulations. We support all major programs with an emphasis of quality and meeting project deadlines.
Various OEM's
Non-Automotive and Automotive Related
EPM supplies a vast spectrum of parts ancillary to the automotive industry as well as products used for a myriad of non-automotive applications such as molds, tools, blocks and fixtures.
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